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    July 2009     April 2008
    Low local funding cuts CATS’ state subsidy      
    Delegation chasing federal highway money     Lawmakers cite need for unity
    June 2009     Directing the delegation
    State treasurer says I-12 expansion crucial      


    Capital Region delegation moving on after tough session     Carter Scores
    Growing pains     Carter Selected to Head Local Legislative Delegation
    April 2009    

September 2008

    I-12 plan upsets area lawmakers      

Capital Region delegation says transportation a top priority


Making the pieces fit

    March 2009     Baton Rouge’s hidden gem

Baton Rouge Delegation Meets With Louisiana Gov. Jindal


November 2008


Capital Region legislators pushing seven projects totaling $318.5 million


Legislators say widen more of I-12

    February 2009    

December 2008


Capital delegation hearing from LSU, SU


I-12 Widening Plan Unveiled


Interstate Projects are top priorities for legislative delegation


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