Louisiana House of Representatives
Directions to The Louisiana State Capitol
See a Map of the Capitol Complex PDF  or Click here for a Live Google Map
From I-10 West or East bound take I-10 North (which turns into MLK Expressway) to downtown Baton Rouge. At the curve, exit right on Capitol Access Rd./Dept. of Transportation & Development (Exit 1-E) and as you continue on this exit ramp you will loop back over I-110. If you are approaching from I-110 South, exit right on Capitol Access Rd. (Exit 1-E).
Whether you approach from the north or south, both exit ramps will direct you onto the Capital Access Road heading in the direction of the State Capitol. You will see the Department of Transportation and Development on your right, pass through a traffic light, see the Governor's Mansion on your right, and see the tower of the State Capitol building above the tree tops of the Arsenal Museum.
Immediately after you pass the Governor's Mansion, you will cross a small bridge over the Capitol Lake and the road will circle the Arsenal Museum. If you bear left in the circle, the road will lead you past the most easterly point ("House side") of the State Capitol.
When the legislature is not in session, simply turn right into the front parking lot.  If the legislature is in session, continue to bear left and you will remain in the circle where parking is usually available. Public parking is also available on Spanish Town Road and streets to its south, as well as in parking lots off of River Road which runs parallel to the State Capitol building and many other points of interest.

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