House and Governmental Affairs Committee
House and Governmental Affairs Committee Jurisdiction
To this committee shall be referred, in accordance with the rules, all legislative instruments, messages, petitions, memorials and other matters relating to the following subjects: Affairs of the House; Legislative rules and procedures; Expenditures of funds by the Legislature; Services of or for the House and/or its committees and members; Assignment of space in state buildings, including space for legislative needs; Rules or laws enacted to reorganize the Legislature or executive branches of government; Intergovernmental relations between the state and the United States or other states; The capitol building and all other buildings for general services at the state capital, including capitol parking; Maintenance and care of capitol complex buildings; Employees of the House; House Legislative Services Council; Legislative Auditor; Legislative Fiscal Officer; Civil Service; Creation of all legislative committees; Elections, state political parties and their committees; Registrars of voters and their records; Governmental ethics; Apportionment of elected officials and governing bodies; Proposals for interim study by a committee, after initial consideration in committee of subject matter, if different from House and Governmental Affairs.

Danahay, Michael E.                    Chairman                    Dist.  33          D
Pugh, Stephen E.                    Vice Chair                    Dist.  73          R
Carter, Gary                    Member                    Dist.  102          D
Harris, Lance                    Member                    Dist.  25          R
Harris, Jimmy                    Member                    Dist.  99          D
Hill, Dorothy Sue                    Member                    Dist.  32          D
Ivey, Barry                    Member                    Dist.  65          R
Jenkins, Sam                    Member                    Dist.  2          D
Miller, Gregory A.                    Member                    Dist.  56          R
Morris, John C. "Jay"                    Member                    Dist.  14          R
Shadoin, Robert E.                    Member                    Dist.  12          R
Barras, Taylor F.                    Ex Officio                    Dist.  48          R
Leger, Walt III                    Ex Officio                    Dist.  91          D

Lowrey, Patricia               Legislative Analyst           (225) 342-2396              
Mahaffey, Mark               Attorney           (225) 342-2598              
O'Brien, Shawn               Secretary           (225) 342-2403              

Barras, Taylor F.                 800 S. Lewis Street Suite 206, 2nd Floor New Iberia, LA 70560                 (337)373-4051                
Carter, Gary                 3520 General DeGaulle Suite 3071 New Orleans, LA 70114                 (504)361-6600                
Danahay, Michael E.                 1625 Beglis Pkwy. Sulphur, LA 70663                 (337)527-5581                
Harris, Jimmy                 7240 Crowder Blvd. Suite 406 New Orleans, LA 70126                 (504)243-1960                
Harris, Lance                 P.O. Box 13555 Alexandria, LA 71315-3555                 (318)767-6095                
Hill, Dorothy Sue                 529 Tramel Road Dry Creek, LA 70637                 (800)259-2118                
Ivey, Barry                 P.O. Box 78286 Baton Rouge, LA 70837                 (225)261-5739                
Jenkins, Sam                 2419 Kings Hwy. Shreveport, LA 71103                 (318)632-5970                
Leger, Walt III                 935 Gravier St. Suite 2155 New Orleans, LA 70112                 (504)556-9970                
Miller, Gregory A.                 P.O. Box 190 Norco, LA 70079                 (985)764-9991                
Morris, John C. "Jay"                 2309 Oliver Road Rm 1 & 2 Monroe, LA 71201                 (318)362-4270                
Pugh, Stephen E.                 114 Northeast Railroad Avenue Ponchatoula, LA 70454                 (985)386-7844                
Shadoin, Robert E.                 308 W. Alabama Ave. Ruston, LA 71270                 (318)251-5038                

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