Transportation, Highways and Public Works Committee
Transportation, Highways and Public Works Committee Jurisdiction
To this committee shall be referred, in accordance with the rules, all legislative instruments, messages, petitions, memorials and other matters relating to the following subjects: Transportation, Highways and Public Works in general; Highways, roads, and bridges; Railroads; Air, bus, and vehicular transportation; Rules and regulations for highway, railroad, and air use; Common carriers, except by water; Pipelines, except the substances or materials which travel through the pipelines; Motor vehicle regulation; Public works; Flood and drainage projects, including levee districts and multiparish drainage projects; Construction, improvement, and maintenance of waterways, lakes, and streams; Facilities in connection with lakes, waterways, and streams; Water conservation districts; Advertisement and letting of public contracts to the lowest responsible bidder relative to the Public Bid Law as provided in R.S. 38:2212.

Havard, Kenneth E.                    Chairman                    Dist.  62          R
Landry, Terry                    Vice Chair                    Dist.  96          D
Adams, Bryan                    Member                    Dist.  85          R
Brown, Terry R.                    Member                    Dist.  22          I
Carpenter, Barbara                    Member                    Dist.  63          D
Carter, Stephen F.                    Member                    Dist.  68          R
Franklin, A B                    Member                    Dist.  34          D
Gisclair, Jerry                    Member                    Dist.  54          D
Guinn, John E.                    Member                    Dist.  37          R
Hall, Jeffrey "Jeff"                    Member                    Dist.  26          D
Hill, Dorothy Sue                    Member                    Dist.  32          D
Howard, Frank A.                    Member                    Dist.  24          R
LeBas, H. Bernard                    Member                    Dist.  38          D
Marcelle, Denise                    Member                    Dist.  61          D
Montoucet, Jack                    Member                    Dist.  42          D
Norton, Barbara M.                    Member                    Dist.  3          D
Pierre, Vincent J.                    Member                    Dist.  44          D
Pope, J. Rogers                    Member                    Dist.  71          R
White, Malinda                    Member                    Dist.  75          D
Barras, Taylor F.                    Ex Officio                    Dist.  48          R
Leger, Walt III                    Ex Officio                    Dist.  91          D

Callaway, Kim               Attorney           (225) 342-0793              
Clare-Kearney, Ashleigh               Attorney           (225) 342-6277              
Mozee, Renee               Secretary           (225) 342-6171              

Adams, Bryan                 P.O. Box 1387 Gretna, LA 70054                 (504)361-6013                
Barras, Taylor F.                 800 S. Lewis Street Suite 206, 2nd Floor New Iberia, LA 70560                 (337)373-4051                
Brown, Terry R.                 510 Main Street Colfax, LA 71417                 (855)261-6566                
Carpenter, Barbara                 1975 Harding Blvd. Baton Rouge, LA 70807                 (225)771-5674                
Carter, Stephen F.                 3115 Old Forge Baton Rouge, LA 70808                 (225)362-5305                
Franklin, A B                 2808 E. Broad Street Lake Charles, LA 70615                 (337)491-2320                
Gisclair, Jerry                 P.O. Drawer 1448 Larose, LA 70373-1448                 (985)798-7707                
Guinn, John E.                 P.O. Box 287 Jennings, LA 70546                 (337)824-0376                
Hall, Jeffrey "Jeff"                 1811 MacArthur Dr. Alexandria, LA 71301                 (318)487-5661                
Havard, Kenneth E.                 P.O. Box 217 Jackson, LA 70748                 (225)634-7470                
Hill, Dorothy Sue                 529 Tramel Road Dry Creek, LA 70637                 (800)259-2118                
Howard, Frank A.                 1601 Texas Highway Many, LA 71449                 (318)256-4135                
Landry, Terry                 800 South Lewis Street Suite 201-B New Iberia, LA 70560                 (337)373-9380                
LeBas, H. Bernard                 115 Southwest Railroad Ave. Ville Platte, LA 70586                 (337)363-0152                
Leger, Walt III                 935 Gravier St. Suite 2150 New Orleans, LA 70112                 (504)556-9970                
Marcelle, Denise                 1824 N. Acadian Thruway W. Baton Rouge, LA 70802                 (225)359-9362                
Montoucet, Jack                 112 East Hutchinson Avenue Crowley, LA 70526                 (337)783-2999                
Norton, Barbara M.                 3245 Hollywood Avenue Shreveport, LA 71108                 (318)632-5887                
Pierre, Vincent J.                 800 W. Congress St. Suite A Lafayette, LA 70501                 (337)262-2330                
Pope, J. Rogers                 P.O. Box 555 Denham Springs, LA 70727                 (225)667-3588                
White, Malinda                 116 Georgia Ave. Suite B Bogalusa, LA 70427                 (985)730-2147                

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