House of Representatives Proclamations   
2017 District-08 Proclamation
  District-42 Proclamation
2016 District-80 Proclamation
  District-92 Proclamation
  District-85 Proclamation
  District-29 Proclamation
2015 District-69 Proclamation
2014 District-26 Proclamation
  District-66 Proclamation
  District-49 Proclamation
  District-08 Proclamation
  District-97 Proclamation
2013 District-87 Proclamation
2012 District-65 Proclamation
  District-79 Proclamation
2011 District-46 Proclamation
  District-47 Proclamation
  District-65 Proclamation
2010 District-63 Proclamation
  District-93 Proclamation
  District-05 Proclamation
  District-101 Proclamation
2009 District-40 Proclamation
2008 District-18 Proclamation
  District-31 Proclamation
  District-18 Proclamation
2007 District-06 Proclamation
  District-94 Proclamation
2006 District-01 Proclamation
  District-04 Proclamation
  District-21 Proclamation
  District-22 Proclamation
  District-40 Proclamation
  District-97 Proclamation
2005 District-29 Proclamation
  District-87 Proclamation
2004 District-36 Proclamation
  District-45 Proclamation
  District-66 Proclamation
  District-96 Proclamation

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