David R. Poynter Clerk of the House (1972-1983)

The David R. Poynter Legislative Research Library is named in memory of David Rogers Poynter, 1944 - 1989. 

A native of Sulphur in Calcasieu Parish and a graduate of Louisiana State University and LSU Law School , David served on the research staff of the Louisiana Legislative Council (1966-1972), as Clerk of the House of Representatives (1972-1983), as Clerk of the Louisiana Constitutional Convention (1973-1974), and as Executive Director of House Legislative Services (1981-1983; 1988-1989). 

In these roles, his intellect, spirit of optimism, and energetic leadership were key factors in shaping the vision for the reform, modernization, and structure that define today's Louisiana House of Representatives and in effectively implementing that vision. When the Library was dedicated in December 1990, three Speakers of the House with whom David served provided the following characterizations:

E.L. "Bubba" Henry, Speaker, 1972-1980: "No one that I know - elected or not - .....made more of a contribution to legislative growth, independence than David Poynter did."

John Alario, Speaker, 1984-1988: "There are two types of people - those who seem to go through life wanting to take and those that contribute much more than their share not only for the times in which they live but for those who come after them... We were fortunate in Louisiana to have David Poynter in our state to make life much better [in] the time he was here and most importantly for the times to come."

Andre Lebeuf, a staff colleague, interviewed many who knew David well and prepared a summary of their thoughts for the dedication. In it he noted: "But perhaps of even greater value to the legislature was the trust members had in him... Whatever faction, party, group, or side a member might be on, that member trusted David implicitly and David always gave the best unbiased advice to anyone who asked."

The dedication of the Legislative Research Library to David Poynter is, therefore, particularly appropriate.