Test Your Knowledge of Louisiana  


  1. The state crustacean is:

  A. Shrimp

  B. Crawfish

  C. Crab

  D. Oyster

14. The state bird is:

  A. Hummingbird

  B. Cardinal

  C. Brown Pelican

  D. Heron



2. Who is the current Speaker of the House:

  A. Joe R. Salter

  B. James R. "Jim" Tucker

  C. Bobby Jindal

  D. Taylor F. Barras

15. Legislators may serve no more than:

  A. 1 term

  B. 3 terms

  C. 2 terms

  D. 7 terms



  3. The state insect is:

  A. Mosquito

  B. Wasp

  C. Honeybee

  D. Gypsy Moth

16. The state flower is:

  A. Rose

  B. Azalea

  C. Magnolia

  D. Petunia



  4. Select number of state Representatives in LA:

  A. 100

  B. 50

  C. 200

  D. 105

17. The state tree is:

  A. Bald Cypress

  B. Oak

  C. Pecan

  D. Magnolia



  5. The state mammal is:

  A. White Tail Deer

  B. Black Bear

  C. Raccoon

  D. Nutria

18. The Governor of Louisiana is:

  A. Bobby Jindal

  B.  John Bell Edwards

  C. John Breaux

  D. David Vitter



  6. In which branch of government is the House of Representatives?

  A. Judicial

  B. Executive

  C. Legislative

  D. Senate

19. When did Louisiana become a state?

  A. 1776

  B. 1800

  C. 1803

  D. 1812



7. The state dog is:

  A. Golden Retriever

  B. Catahoula Leopard Dog

  C. Blue Heeler

  D. Labrador Retriever

20. How many different flags have flown over Louisiana since colonization?

  A. 10

  B. 5

  C. 1

  D. 2



  8. A bill can only be introduced by:

  A. The governor

  B. A Judge

  C. Citizens

  D. A legislator

21. Since admission into the Union, there have been how many locations of the State Capitol?

  A. 1

  B. 3

  C. 41

  D. 2



  9. The state drink is:

  A. Milk

  B. Orange Juice

  C. Water

  D. Coffee

22. How tall is the State Capitol?

  A. 20 stories

  B. 30 stories

  C. 27 stories

  D. 34 stories



  10. To be elected to the LA House you must be a registered voter and a resident of the state for:

  A. 2 years

  B. 10 years

  C. 1 year

  D. 5 years

23. The new State Capitol was built in:

  A. 1896

  B. 1905

  C. 1932

  D. 1940



  11. The State reptile is:

  A. Crocodile

  B. Alligator

  C. Loggerhead Turtle

  D. Lizard

24. Which former LA Governor was shot in the State Capitol and is buried on its grounds?

  A. Bienville

  B. Henry Claiborne

  C. Huey Long

  D. Zachary Taylor



  12. House Members are elected for terms of:

  A. 1 year

  B. 6 years

  C. 2 years

  D. 4 years

25. To become a State Representative, you must be:

  A. 18 years of age

  B. 21 years of age

  C. 30 years of age

  D. 25 years of age



  13. The state freshwater fish is:

  A. White Perch

  B. Speckled Trout

  C. Catfish

  D. Redfish