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Precinct Shapefiles

NOTICE:  The shapefiles dated prior to 2010 are based upon the Voting Districts (VTDs) utilized for the 2000 Census in the State of Louisiana and the shapefiles dated 2010 and post 2010 are based upon those Voting District (VTDs) contained in the 2010 Census Redistricting TIGER/Line Shapefiles for the State of Louisiana.  The files are periodically modified to represent precinct changes submitted to the Louisiana Legislature by parish governing authorities pursuant to the provisions of R.S. 18:532 and 532.1.  The Louisiana Legislature utilizes these files for redistricting and maps, reports, and analysis related thereto.

Click Here To Download 2007 Precinct Shapefiles ZIP Folder
Click Here To Download 2008 Precinct Shapefiles ZIP Folder
Click Here To Download 2009 Precinct Shapefiles ZIP Folder
Click Here To Download 2010-11 Precinct Shapefiles ZIP Folder


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