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Louisiana Legislative Black Caucus
Post Office Box 44003   Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70804

Phone: (225) 342-7342 - Fax: (225) 342-0364
Hours of Operation: 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. 

Staff Information:    
Executive Director
Cynthia Buggage
Caucus Administrator:  
Ra'Quel S. Tate
Name District Position Chamber Party
Bouie, Joseph 97 Chairman H D
Gaines, Randal L. 57 Vice Chair H D
Bagneris, John H. 100 Member H D
Barrow, Regina 15 Member S D
Bishop, Wesley T. 4 Member S D
Boudreaux, Gerald 24 Member S D
Brown, Troy E. 2 Member S D
Carpenter, Barbara 63 Member H D
Carter, Gary 102 Member H D
Carter, Troy 7 Member S D
Colomb, Yvonne 14 Member S D
Cox, Kenny R. 23 Member H D
Franklin, A B 34 Member H D
Glover, Cedric 4 Member H D
Hall, Jeffrey "Jeff" 26 Member H D
Harris, Jimmy 99 Member H D
Hunter, Marcus L. 17 Member H D
Jackson, Katrina R. 16 Member H D
James, Edward C. "Ted" 101 Member H D
Jefferson, Patrick O. 11 Member H D
Jenkins, Sam 2 Member H D
Jordan, Edmond 29 Member H D
Landry, Terry 96 Member H D
Lyons, Rodney 87 Member H D
Marcelle, Denise 61 Member H D
Miller, Dustin 40 Member H D
Morrell, Jean-Paul J. 3 Member S D
Norton, Barbara M. 3 Member H D
Peterson, Karen Carter 5 Member S D
Pierre, Vincent J. 44 Member H D
Price, Edward J. 58 Member H D
Smith, Patricia Haynes 67 Member H D
Tarver, Gregory 39 Member S D

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