Louisiana House of Representatives
  Republican Delegation  
  Caucus Administrator:
June B. Peay

Legislative Aide

Alexandra Hymel

Hours of Operation:
8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Phone/Fax Numbers
(225) 342-6287
(225) 342-9858 Fax

Senator's Pages
Office Address:
P.O. Box 44422
Baton Rouge, LA 70804-4422

Physical Address:
State Capitol, House Basement
Room B-176
Baton Rouge, LA 70804-4422

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Name District Position Chamber Party
Harris, Lance 25 Chairman H R
Martiny, Daniel R. 10 Chairman S R
Seabaugh, Alan 5 Vice Chair H R
Adams, Bryan 85 Member H R
Adley, Robert 36 Member S R
Alario, John 8 Member S R
Allain, R. L. Bret 21 Member S R
Amedee, Jody 18 Member S R
Appel, Conrad 9 Member S R
Barras, Taylor F. 48 Member H R
Berthelot, John A. 88 Member H R
Bishop, Stuart J. 43 Member H R
Broadwater, Chris 86 Member H R
Buffington, Sherri Smith 38 Member S R
Burford, Richard T. 7 Member H R
Burns, Henry L. 9 Member H R
Burns, Timothy G. 89 Member H R
Carmody, Thomas 6 Member H R
Carter, Stephen F. 68 Member H R
Chabert, Norbrt N. "Norby" 20 Member S R
Chaney, Charles R. 19 Member H R
Claitor, Dan 16 Member S R
Connick, Patrick 84 Member H R
Cortez, Patrick Page 23 Member S R
Cromer, Gregory 90 Member H R
Crowe, A. G. 1 Member S R
Donahue, Jack 11 Member S R
Dove, Gordon 52 Member H R
Erdey, Dale 13 Member S R
Fannin, James R. 13 Member H R
Foil, Franklin J. 70 Member H R
Garofalo, Raymond E. 103 Member H R
Geymann, Brett F. 35 Member H R
Guillory, Elbert L. 24 Member S R
Guinn, John E. 37 Member H R
Harrison, Joe 51 Member H R
Havard, Kenneth E. 62 Member H R
Hazel, Lowell C. "Chris" 27 Member H R
Henry, Cameron 82 Member H R
Hensgens, Bob 47 Member H R
Hodges, Valarie 64 Member H R
Hoffmann, Frank A. 15 Member H R
Hollis, Paul 104 Member H R
Howard, Frank A. 24 Member H R
Huval, Mike 46 Member H R
Ivey, Barry 65 Member H R
Johns, Ronnie 27 Member S R
Johnson, Mike 8 Member H R
Kleckley, Chuck 36 Member H R
Kostelka, Bob 35 Member S R
Lambert, Eddie J. 59 Member H R
Landry, Nancy 31 Member H R
Leopold, Christopher J. 105 Member H R
Long, Gerald 31 Member S R
Lopinto, Joseph P. 80 Member H R
Lorusso, Nick 94 Member H R
Mack, Sherman Q. 95 Member H R
Miguez, Blake 49 Member H R
Miller, Gregory A. 56 Member H R
Mills, Fred H. Jr. 22 Member S R
Morris, James "Jim" 1 Member H R
Morris, John C. "Jay" 14 Member H R
Morrish, Dan W. "Blade" 25 Member S R
Ourso, Darrell P. 66 Member H R
Peacock, Barrow 37 Member S R
Pearson, J. Kevin 76 Member H R
Perry, Jonathan W. 26 Member S R
Pope, J. Rogers 71 Member H R
Pugh, Stephen E. 73 Member H R
Pylant, Steve E. 20 Member H R
Riser, Neil 32 Member S R
Robideaux, Joel C. 45 Member H R
Schexnayder, Clay 81 Member H R
Schroder, John M. 77 Member H R
Shadoin, Robert E. 12 Member H R
Simon, Scott M. 74 Member H R
Smith, John R. 30 Member S R
Stokes, Julie 79 Member H R
Talbot, Kirk 78 Member H R
Walsworth, Michael A. 33 Member S R
Ward, Rick 17 Member S R
White, Mack "Bodi" 6 Member S R
Whitney, Lenar L. 53 Member H R
Willmott, Thomas P. 92 Member H R

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