Rural Caucus
Mechelle Evans, Administrative Director
Maxwell Martin, Caucus Assistant
State Capitol Building, Room B-182
P.O. Box 44420 Baton Rouge, LA 70804
(225) 342-7380  (225) 342-0343 Fax
Hours of Operation: 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
House Members
LeBas, H. Bernard              Dist.  38              Chairman              D
Abraham, Mark              Dist.  36              Member              R
Anders, John F. "Andy"              Dist.  21              Member              D
Armes, James K.              Dist.  30              Member              D
Bacala, Tony              Dist.  59              Member              R
Bagley, Larry              Dist.  7              Member              R
Barras, Taylor F.              Dist.  48              Member              R
Berthelot, John A.              Dist.  88              Member              R
Brown, Chad              Dist.  60              Member              D
Brown, Terry R.              Dist.  22              Member              I
Carmody, Thomas              Dist.  6              Member              R
Carter, Robby              Dist.  72              Member              D
Chaney, Charles R.              Dist.  19              Member              R
Cox, Kenny R.              Dist.  23              Member              D
Cromer, Gregory              Dist.  90              Member              R
Danahay, Michael E.              Dist.  33              Member              D
DeVillier, Phillip              Dist.  41              Member              R
Falconer, Reid              Dist.  89              Member              R
Franklin, A B              Dist.  34              Member              D
Gisclair, Jerry              Dist.  54              Member              D
Glover, Cedric              Dist.  4              Member              D
Guinn, John E.              Dist.  37              Member              R
Havard, Kenneth E.              Dist.  62              Member              R
Hazel, Lowell C. "Chris"              Dist.  27              Member              R
Hill, Dorothy Sue              Dist.  32              Member              D
Hoffmann, Frank A.              Dist.  15              Member              R
Horton, Dodie              Dist.  9              Member              R
Howard, Frank A.              Dist.  24              Member              R
Hunter, Marcus L.              Dist.  17              Member              D
Huval, Mike              Dist.  46              Member              R
Ivey, Barry              Dist.  65              Member              R
Jackson, Katrina R.              Dist.  16              Member              D
Jefferson, Patrick O.              Dist.  11              Member              D
Johnson, Robert A.              Dist.  28              Member              D
Jones, Sam              Dist.  50              Member              D
Jordan, Edmond              Dist.  29              Member              D
Landry, Nancy              Dist.  31              Member              R
Landry, Terry              Dist.  96              Member              D
McFarland, Jack              Dist.  13              Member              R
Miguez, Blake              Dist.  49              Member              R
Miller, Dustin              Dist.  40              Member              D
Miller, Gregory A.              Dist.  56              Member              R
Morris, James "Jim"              Dist.  1              Member              R
Morris, John C. "Jay"              Dist.  14              Member              R
Pearson, J. Kevin              Dist.  76              Member              R
Pope, J. Rogers              Dist.  71              Member              R
Price, Edward J.              Dist.  58              Member              D
Pugh, Stephen E.              Dist.  73              Member              R
Pylant, Steve E.              Dist.  20              Member              R
Reynolds, Eugene              Dist.  10              Member              D
Schexnayder, Clay              Dist.  81              Member              R
Seabaugh, Alan              Dist.  5              Member              R
Shadoin, Robert E.              Dist.  12              Member              R
Simon, Scott M.              Dist.  74              Member              R
Stefanski, John M.              Dist.  42              Member              R
Thibaut, Major              Dist.  18              Member              D
White, Malinda              Dist.  75              Member              D
Zeringue, Jerome              Dist.  52              Member              R

Senate Members
Chabert, Norbèrt N. "Norby"              Dist.  20              Member                  R
Fannin, James R.              Dist.  35              Member                  R
Gatti, Ryan              Dist.  36              Member                  R
Long, Gerald              Dist.  31              Member                  R
Mills, Fred H. Jr.              Dist.  22              Member                  R
Morrell, Jean-Paul J.              Dist.  3              Member                  D
Smith, Jr., Gary L.              Dist.  19              Member                  D
Thompson, Francis C.              Dist.  34              Member                  D
Walsworth, Michael A.               Dist.  33              Member                  R

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