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Welcome to the Louisiana House of Representatives Web site. The goal of our site is to provide easy access to state government, particularly, the House of Representatives. Through this site, you can follow House activities and have a front row seat in the legislative process. Streaming video of legislative committee meetings and session floor debate allows you to follow legislative proceedings as they occur and gives those who cannot travel to the state capitol the opportunity to be informed. Archived broadcasts of legislative proceedings, access to bills, amendments, and laws, information about committees, legislators, and staff, as well as other legislative information is provided. Also included is access to other government sites.

We hope you will use this site regularly. Your input is welcome and a "comments" link is provided to make it easy for you to share your thoughts and to contact members and staff. Only through citizen participation will we be aware of your concerns and be able to address our citizens' needs.
Speaker's Office Staff/Email Title
Chester, Glenda Telephone Supervisor
Dodd, Kim Senior Analyst to the Speaker and the Speaker Pro Tempore
Ellington, Brenda Assistant to the Speaker
Emery, Treavealon Switchboard Operator
Mancuso, Cindy Executive Counsel to the Speaker
Robin, Stephanie Durand Special Assistant to the Speaker
Square, Rose Switchboard Operator
Stewart, Pat Receptionist
Thomas, Walter Aide to the Speaker
Womack, Dee Property Control Manager
Wright, Brenda Capitol Foundation/Telecommunications Coordinator



The duties of the Speaker shall be the following: [As provided in House Rule 2.5]

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