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  • NOTE: Legislative instruments may be added or deleted prior to meeting date. (HOUSE RULE 14.27)
    See the daily notices posted here prior to meeting date.

  • Committee Record and Roll Call Votes can now be found under each meeting agenda for each year and month below.

July 2013

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July 10, 2013     
LA Boxing & Wrestling Jul 10, 01:30 PM HCR-2 See Agenda in pdf
July 16, 2013     
LA Leg Youth Advisory Council Jul 16, 01:00 PM HCR-1 See Agenda in pdf
July 18, 2013     
LA Gaming Control Board Jul 18, 10:00 AM HCR-1 See Agenda in pdf
Interim Emergency Board Jul 18, 09:30 AM HCR-3 See Agenda in pdf
LA Transportation Authority Jul 18, 10:00 AM HCR-4 See Agenda in pdf
Legislative Audit Advisory Council Jul 18, 01:30 PM HCR-2 See Agenda in pdf
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