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NOTE: Legislative instruments may be added or deleted prior to meeting date. (HOUSE RULE 14.27) See the daily notices posted here prior to meeting date.

Windows Media Player is required to view our live videos.

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Windows Media player is required to view live streams. For Mac users, Flip4Mac is required
NOTE: If using Firefox, please follow this link to solve the plug in issue you may be having.

Note for the Hearing Impaired:

IF using a Mac, to watch the streams of any known active room from either the House or Senate chambers, follow the steps below: 

These steps should be accomplished before logging on to the Louisiana House Video page. Make sure that Flip for Mac is up to date. 

From System Preferences, Select the Flip for Mac WMV preferences window. Press VO+space on the browser tab.Now, VO+right until you hear, "Launch Quick Time player". This will be unchecked by default. Check it by pressing VO+space.Now, exit the System Preferences window. Steps to Stream.  Log on to the House Video page as usual. Interact with the bottom frame. Note the active rooms and choose which witch to watch by pressing VO+space on the "VIDEO" link on the House website. At this point, Quick Time will pop Open.   A dialog will appear briefly saying "loading movie". When the stream is loaded, it will begin. NOTE: These instructions ONLY work with Safari. Firefox. Any other browser interacts with VoiceOver differently, but with less functionality.

We provide you  with a  front-row seat in the Louisiana House of Representatives. The House's service allows you to watch live and archived streaming video feeds of House floor and Committee proceedings dating back to 1999. For more information about House Live Proceedings and its features, send a note to House Webteam.
Machine and network conditions may vary during playback and affect the end-user experience.

All meetings taking place in House committee rooms relating to House Standing committees or Special Committees are streamed live and encoded for on-demand access from our archived video webpage.

Machine and network conditions may vary during playback and affect the end-user experience.

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