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Dedicated to providing professional, nonpartisan support services and resources to members of the Louisiana House of Representatives in establishing sound public policy, overseeing its delivery, and assisting the legislature in functioning as a co-equal branch of government.

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"You can only govern men by serving them."

Victor Cousin,
French philosopher
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House Legislative Services is dedicated to providing the Louisiana House of Representatives, its members, and its committees with the highest quality research, policy and budget analysis, bill drafting, and support services in a professional, nonpartisan manner in order to carry out legislative policy and assist the legislature in functioning as a coequal branch of government.

In 1952 and by virtue of Acts 1952, No. 51, the Louisiana Legislative Council was created which included a professional staff to provide legal, research, and clerical assistance to members of both the Louisiana House of Representatives and the Senate. Years later,  the professional staff was divided creating separate House and Senate staff service organizations. The House organized its staff into subject matter divisions, focusing on the development of subject matter expertise and the sharing of workload in staff divisions. This was the start of House Legislative Services (HLS), established in 1981 and provided for in the Rules of the House.

House Legislative Services provides nonpartisan legal and research services to all 105 members of the Louisiana House and its 16 standing committees, as well as supporting the Louisiana Legislature as an institution and an equal branch of government. More specifically, HLS staff:

Provide research and policy analysis to all House members, standing committees, and various special legislative committees and caucuses.

Draft legislation, including the preparation of bill summaries and amendments to various legislative instruments.

Provide budget analysis of agency budgets and programs.

Draft substantive resolutions for consideration during legislative sessions and draft commendation and condolence resolutions year-round.

Provide committee staffing to each of the 16 standing committees and numerous special committees of the Legislature.

Review and monitor rules proposed by various state departments and agencies.

Assist Legislative District Offices in providing information to constituents.

Publish the official documents of the House.

Provide House members with information and assistance to redistrict election districts that are provided by law. These districts include state legislative, BESE, PSC, judicial, and congressional districts.

Staff the Public Update Legislative Service (PULS) telephone line. The PULS line provides constituents with information on legislation, proceedings, and legislative website navigation.

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