About Our Division     
This division, under the direction of Rhonda Sisson, consists of docket staff, proofreaders, and word processors. Throughout the year, docket compiles legislative histories and provides committee minutes to the public, courts, and other state agencies. The division assists with processing bills and resolutions for legislative sessions, ensuring quality control of legislative documents, maintaining files for House Legislative Services, and providing publications to the public upon request.
Rhonda Sisson
 (225) 342 -1362

Devan Wilkinson
Assistant Supervisor
(225) 342-1986
Our Staff
Jaye Lynn Miceli               Docket Clerk               (225) 342-6458

Esther Drummond               Word Processor Operator               (225) 342-0794
Lori Hutson               Administrative Services Specialist               (225) 342-0795

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