About Our Division     
This Division, under the direction of Michelle Fontenot, is one of five research divisions within House Legislative Services. Staff attorneys and legislative analysts draft legislation and provide research and analysis concerning the various subject matters of each of the three committees housed in the division. Administrative and committee secretaries provide administrative and clerical support services to the committees and division.
Michelle Fontenot
Division Director
 (225) 342 - 2421

Roussel Sherrill

Administrative Secretary
(225) 342 - 2405
Our Committees
Robert A. Singletary               (225) 342-6146               Attorney
Annie Smith               (225) 342-6149               Attorney

Kelly C. Fogleman               Attorney (225) 342-6281
Katie LeLeux               Attorney               (225) 342-2422
Natalie Schexnaydre               Secretary (225) 342-2409

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