Louisiana House of Representatives
Agriculture, Forestry, Aquaculture and Rural Development  
Committee Staff

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Committee Member Addresses    
Committee Rules    
Name Position District Party
Schexnayder, Clay Chairman 81 R
Anders, John F. "Andy" Vice Chair 21 D
Brass, Ken Member 58 D
Brown, Terry R. Member 22 I
Chaney, Charles R. Member 19 R
DeVillier, Phillip Member 41 R
Emerson, Julie Member 39 R
Gisclair, Jerry Member 54 D
Guinn, John E. Member 37 R
Hall, Jeffrey "Jeff" Member 26 D
Hensgens, Bob Member 47 R
Hill, Dorothy Sue Member 32 D
Howard, Frank A. Member 24 R
Jordan, Edmond Member 29 D
LeBas, H. Bernard Member 38 D
Miller, Dustin Member 40 D
Pylant, Steve E. Member 20 R
Stefanski, John M. Member 42 R
Barras, Taylor F. Ex Officio 48 R
Leger, Walt III Ex Officio 91 D
House Rule 6.3.C(1) states that the Speaker and Speaker Pro Tempore of the House shall be ex officio members of all standing committees.

Committee Jurisdiction

To this committee shall be referred, in accordance with the rules, all legislative instruments, messages, petitions, memorials, and other matters relating to the following subjects:

  • Agriculture generally.
  • Agricultural and industrial chemistry.
  • Agricultural economics and research.
  • Agricultural engineering.
  • Agricultural production on public lands.
  • Agricultural production, promotion, and marketing.
  • Agricultural services.
  • Animal industry and diseases of animals.
  • Aquacultural economics and research.
  • Aquacultural production, promotion, and marketing.
  • Dairy industry.
  • Production, promotion, harvesting, and marketing of forestry products.
  • Silviculture.
  • Human nutrition and home economics.
  • Inspection of livestock and meat products.
  • Plant industry and plant quarantine.
  • Rural development.
  • Soils and soil conservation.