Louisiana House of Representatives
House and Governmental Affairs Committee  
Committee Staff

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Committee Member Addresses
Committee Rules  
Name Position District Party
Miller, Gregory A. Chairman 56 R
Pugh, Stephen E. Vice Chair 73 R
Carter, Gary Member 102 D
Harris, Jimmy Member 99 D
Harris, Lance Member 25 R
Hill, Dorothy Sue Member 32 D
Ivey, Barry Member 65 R
Jenkins, Sam Member 2 D
Morris, John C. "Jay" Member 14 R
Barras, Taylor F. Ex Officio 48 R
Leger, Walt III Ex Officio 91 D
House Rule 6.3.C(1) states that the Speaker and Speaker Pro Tempore of the House shall be ex officio members of all standing committees.

House & Governmental Affairs Committee Jurisdiction

To this committee shall be referred, in accordance with the rules, all legislative instruments, messages, petitions, memorials, and other matters relating to the following subjects:

  • Affairs of the House.
  • Legislative rules and procedures.
  • Expenditures of funds by the Legislature.
  • Services of or for the House and/or its committees and members.
  • Assignment of space in state buildings, including space for legislative needs.
  • Rules or laws enacted to reorganize the Legislature or executive branches of government.
  • Intergovernmental relations between the state and the United States or other states.
  • The capitol building and all other buildings for general services at the state capital, including capitol parking.
  • Maintenance and care of capitol complex buildings.
  • Employees of the House.
  • House Legislative Services Council.
  • Legislative Auditor.
  • Legislative Fiscal Officer.
  • Civil Service.
  • Creation of all legislative committees.
  • Elections, state political parties and their committees.
  • Registrars of voters and their records.
  • Governmental ethics.
  • Apportionment of elected officials and governing bodies.

Proposals for interim study by a committee, after initial consideration in committee of subject matter, if different from House and Governmental Affairs.