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General Government Operations

DOTD Louisiana Highway and Bridge Needs

  • The Highway Needs Study, established through R.S. 48:228, requires the Department of Transportation to undertake an annual assessment of the needs of the state highway system. The assessment provides the department with the ability to monitor the system over an extended period in order to determine how the state highway network is evolving over time. The study covers only existing state highway infrastructure and does not include future roadways that are planned or are currently under study. Highway needs are determined by comparing data on each section of roadway to established thresholds. Roadway sections which fall below the thresholds are considered needs.

State Retirement Systems Data

  • State employees (classified or unclassified) and public school employees (certificated or noncertificated) participate in one of the following state retirement systems the Louisiana State Employees' Retirement System, the Teachers' Retirement System of Louisiana, the Louisiana School Employees' Retirement System or the State Police Pension and Retirement System and do not participate in Social Security. For these four state systems, the state is responsible for providing an amount necessary to fund the required employer contribution to the systems and the employee is required to provide his or her contribution.

State Parks Improvement & Repair Fund History

  • The graph shows the historical balances of the State Parks Improvement and Repair Fund History (R.S. 56:1703) since it was created in 1990. It shows the effects of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita and transfers out of the fund.

Concealed Handgun Revenues vs Expenditures

  • The pie chart shows the total revenues collected vs the total expenditures of the Concealed Handgun Permit Fund (40:1379.3.1) over a 7-year period.

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