Kids Page

Hi! and Welcome to the Louisiana Kids Fun and Education Page.  We live in a very colorful state which is full of unique culture and history.  In the following pages you will find fun and exciting activities for you to do while learning more about Louisiana!

cmudbug.gif (2163422 bytes) Did you know that Louisiana has two state songs, and that the sac-a-lait is our state freshwater fish?  Want to learn more about Louisiana's state symbols?  Click on the picture on the left and find out more!
Allie the alligator Travel through Louisiana's swamps with Allie the alligator to learn how a bill becomes a law.  Bills travel through a maze of steps to be special and become a law, and Allie needs your help with his bill!
Go to the Activity Book The Activity Book has all kinds of fun games.  Word searches, crossword puzzles, our state songs, and other fun things will help you keep busy while learning more about Louisiana!
Go to the Coloring Book The Coloring Book has plenty of pictures of the state symbols for you to look at and color.  How many different colors can you make our state dog?  As many as you want!
Louisiana Quiz  How much do you know about Louisiana?  Do you know what year Louisiana became a state?  Have you been paying attention to the things you've learned on the Kids Page?  Do you remember what the state insect is?  Try your luck with our State Quiz.  The answers follow the quiz.