Meet Our Commission members  

Judge wendell C. Manning, Chair
Judge Wendell C. Manning, Chair
LA District Judges Association (District 4)  
Senator Beth Mizell
Beth Mizell, Vice Chair
Senator Dist 12  

Judge C. Wendell Manning, (Chairman)
LA District Judges Association (District 4)
Jessica Duckworth
Judge C. Wendell Manning Contact
Jeffrey Wale
Governor's Designee
Vickii Melius
Lieutenant Governor Designee
Rep. Raymond Crews
House Speaker Designee
Rep. Chuck Owen
House Committee on Education
Belinda Cambre
Project Citizen Program
Kevin Berken
Board of Elementary & Secondary Education
Sen. Beth Mizell
Senate President Designee
Dr. Keith Leger
Superintendent of Education Designee
The Honorable Judge Randy Bethancourt
Louisiana Supreme Court
Mike Hasten
House & Senate Legislators Back to School Program
Polly Johnson
LA Association of Broadcasters
Eurica Gaston
Barry Erwin
Council for a Better LA
Clarence Copeland
Kathleen Espinoza
League of Women Voters
Jill Roshto
LA Association of Non-Profit Organizations
Peggy Cotogno
LA Center for Law & Civic Education
Joel Watson
Secretary of State
Scott Sternberg
Louisiana Press Association
Judd Jeansonne
Volunteer LA Commission Chairman
Renee Roberts
Attorney General Designee
Steven Procopio
Public Affairs Research Council of LA President

The Louisiana Commission on Civic Education is established by law (La R. S. 24:971) and has as its purposes the following:

(1) To educate citizens in the community as well as students in schools on the importance of citizen involvement in a representative democracy.

(2) To promote communication and collaboration among organizations in the state that conduct civic education programs.
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