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The Louisiana Legislative Women's Caucus (LLWC) comprises the women in the Louisiana Legislature, whose collective mission is to: (1) prepare the next generation of women leaders and (2) serve as the premiere voice and leading monitor of issues, legislation and policies, which impact women. Since the election of the first woman to the Louisiana Legislature in 1936, women elected to the legislature have increased dramatically in number, strength and influence. In 2005, the Women's Caucus established the Louisiana Legislative Women's Caucus Foundation, a non-profit organization. The Foundation's mission is: To motivate, prepare and develop the next generation of women leaders through educational and leadership development services, activities and initiatives. To serve as the premiere voice and leading monitor of issues, legislation and policies, which impact women. To strengthen and promote the quality of life for Louisiana families. To serve as positive mentors and examples for females of all ages by publicly promoting high moral standards, self-determination, self-sufficiency and good will. To increase awareness of health issues and challenges which primarily impact women and seek to diminish their quality of life. To forge new partnerships with individuals and entities who advocate on behalf of women and their related interests. The Foundation focuses on four program areas to fulfill its purpose-driven mission.

Those areas of services are as follows:
Education & Training  
Women's Health Advocacy  
Youth Development/Civic Involvement  
Sharing & Networking Resource  
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2019 Women of Excellence Awards & Scholarships Ceremony & Reception Apr 30, 2019

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