Louisiana Capitol History and Tour

Senate Chamber

    The Senate Chamber, the same size as the House Chamber, has a beauty all its own. The walls and columns are of Famosa Violet from Germany and Brocatelle Violet from France. The floor is of Roman Travertine. The 39 desks, one for each Senate district, are made of American Walnut and inlaid with White Holly. The chamber is divided into thirds by two rows of piers with engaged Ionic columns.

    The ceiling consists of 64 hexagonal tiles, one for each parish in Louisiana. Near the main entrance of the Senate Chamber, an object is embedded in the ceiling, the result of a bomb that exploded in 1970. Luckily, the bomb was detonated on a Sunday afternoon and no one was injured. The object remains as a reminder of what could have happened. Only two of four original columns remain, due to the blast.

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Click here to see the view from the observation deck