HR 178 of the 2022 R.S.  

About the Subcommittee

The purpose of the subcommittee is to study, the state's tax structure, including state tax exemptions and credits, and to make recommendations concerning eliminating the state tax levied on individual and corporate income and reforming state tax exemptions and credits.


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Lea, Brittany
Cmte Admin Assistant
(225) 342-2442  

Pryor, Alison
Senior Attorney
(225) 342-8357  

Murray, Drew
Legislative Analyst
(225) 342-2303  

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Miscellaneous Documents  

Tax Exemption Budget - Dept of Revenue
Annual Tax Collection Report - Dept of Revenue
HCR 11 (2016 1st ES) Task Force
Summary of Activities of the State Tax Structure Subcommittee