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Justice Signs Off on House Redistricting Plan  (06-20-11)
Preclearance letter from U.S. Department of Justice on redistricting submission  (06-20-11)

LA House Submits Redistricting Plan  (04-21-11)

Statewide  Meetings Announced (02-02-11)
Statewide Redistricting Meetings Scheduled (12-03-10)
Redistricting training a success (10-02-09)
Louisiana Media Articles    
Legislative Maps Face Fights - The Advocate   Redistricting Forum Draws Several Reviews - The Daily Advertiser
Gallot: GOP Ties Raise Red Flags - The Advocate   Caucus seeking more black seats in legislature- The News Star
New House districts head to Jindal - Times Picayune   House panel's chief plans remap of LA.'s high court districts- Times Picayune
House OKs redistricting plan   Redistricting a heavy plate- The News Star
La. House, Senate to weigh new districts   Public meeting on redistricting set for Tuesday- KPLC
Panel rejects Guillory's Senate redistricting plan   Redistricting not going to be smooth sailing - The Town Talk
Redistricting plans clear committees   Jeff Davis Police Jury wants SW La. united in US House district - American Press (Lake Charles)
La. House, Senate advance each other's redistricting plans   Keep voicing opinion on La. redistricting - American Press (Lake Charles)
French highlights lawmaker's point   Loss of congressman hurts - American Press (Lake Charles)
Local House districts didn't merit changes   Major shifts ahead in Senate districts - Times Picayune
House approves plan to redraw election districts   Lawmakers disagree over La. court redistricting - The Town Talk (Alexandria)
House Senate approve their redistricting plan   Jefferson on the move - Times Picayune
House, Senate remap plans shuffle districts: Acadiana lawmakers split over shifts - - The Daily Advertiser   Officials discuss redistricting - The Advocate
Remap bill goes to House floor - The Daily Advertiser   SW La. voices heard - American Press
District receives protection: House lawmakers agree to keep Armes' area intact - American Press   Feedback from voters sought on election districts - Times Picayune
House OKs remap plan with Cenla compromise - The Town Talk   Creating district lines won't be easy - The Town Talk (Alexandria-Pineville)
Realignment of House districts in Rapides approved - The Town Talk   Redistricting tough nut to crack - News Star Monroe
Amendments alter districts in Shreveport and Rapides - The Times Shreveport   EBR area pushes for more representation - The Advocate
Plan eliminates northern Monroe district - News Star   Orleans losing political clout - The Advocate
Remapping is not only about race - The Town Talk   Meetings slated on election districts - The Advocate
Remap plan puts Dixon, Roy in the same House district - The Town Talk   Board wants to be single district with SW La. parishes - American Press
Panel approves remap plan pitting Roy against Armes - The Town Talk   Voters invited to weight in: Legislators in town to talk redistricting - American Press
House alters northern districts: Chamber votes to return 29 minority areas - The Daily Advertiser   Express opinions on redistricting - American Press
Lawmakers line dancing for districts: Amendments alter Rapides, Shreveport House seats - News Star   Acadiana gains state representation with population increase - The Daily Advertiser
Changes brewing in House redistricting plan: Committee review meeting canceled - News Star   How we have changed - The Times (Shreveport)
Emergency pulls Tucker out of vote - The Advocate   St. Stand up, be counted in redistricting - Daily World
House plan adds fourth minority district - The Daily Advertiser   St. Bernard vs. New Orleans - Times Picayune
Changes brewing in House plan - The Daily Advertiser   More Black Districts Likely - The Advocate
Jindal aides weigh in on remap, draw ire - The Advocate   Redistricting hearings evoke calls for compact political districts Times Picayune
House drops proposed 30th minority district from remap - The Advocate   Redistricting will involve multiple agencies -  St. Tammany News
House vote kills new minority district: Changed backed by governor's office - Times Picayune- The Advocate   Making it count:- Times Picayune
Members advance new House lines - Times Picayune   The Census reveals another post-Katrina Loss - Times Picayune
House completes work on redrawing its districts: 2 districts pit N.O. incumbents - The Times Picayune   Census estimates gain in minorities- Times Picayune
House takes up plan for remap of its districts - The Times Picayune   Census data chart area's ups, downs: New Orleans, St. Bernard- Times Picayune
Cenla lawmakers watching, waiting as redistricting keeps changing  The Town Talk (Alexandria)    North shore to gain clout in House- Times Picayune
Work stalls on House redistricting - The News Star (Monroe)   Redistricting will involve multiple agencies - St Tammany News
Panel to consider House redistricting - The Town Talk   Remap May Give BR Votes - The Advocate
Kostelka, Gallot to chair redraw - News Star   
La. House ponders new Shreveport district  - The Times (Shreveport)   N.O Stands to lose 3 seats in House - Times Picayune
Shaping districts sets off tempers: Talks are tinged with race, politics  - Times Picayune   Central Louisiana sounds off about how to redraw political districts- The Town Talk (Alexandria, Pineville)
Remap vote set this week - The Advocate   Public redistricting meeting underway in Shreveport- KSLA News
House plan adds forth minority district in Shreveport - American Press   Louisiana to lose congressional seat in redistricting- The Daily Reveille
House plan adds forth minority district in Shreveport - The Times (Shreveport)   Lafayette Redistricting Meeting- KLFY
Work stalls on House redistricting plan - The Times (Shreveport)   Panel Adopts Guides - The Advocate
Reapportionment and race  - The Advocate   Gallot: Lawmakers Eager to Redistrict - The Advocate
House committee supports redistricting plan for BESE, PSC - The Advocate   Census Shows Gains for Minorities - The Advocate
Number of House minority seats could lead to showdown  - The Advocate   66 House Districts Must be Remapped - The Advocate
Plan shifts House districts, forces competition - The Town Talk   Challenging decade Weighs on Jefferson - Times Picayune
Changes brewing in remap proposal - The Town Talk   Tammany Swells, but Not Because of Katrina - Times Picayune
Senate and House redraw plans shuffle La. districts - The Times (Shreveport)   Controlled Growth Pleases Rive Parishes - Times Picayune
House remap plan gains panel approval - The Times (Shreveport)   Census Shows Shift: EBR Largest Parish in LA., N.O. shrinks - The Advocate
Panel weighs House districts: Jindal urges committee to remain non-partisan in redrawing lines - The Daily Advertiser   Rapides Senate district could get carved up in remap session - The Town Talk
Armes to fight to end: Lawmaker doesn't support Leesville-Alexandria merger - The Daily Advertiser   Gallot Slams Plan to Divide Senate Seat - The Town Talk
Armes to fight to end: Lawmaker doesn't support Leesville-Alexandria merger - American Press   State's Cities Didn't Fare well in 2010 Census - American Press
Draft draws concern: SW La. legislators: Proposal puts Armes against another incumbent - American Press   Gallot: Lawmakers Want Process to Be Open - American Press
Remap battle begins: Jindal urges bipartisanship at start of special session - American Press   Officials, residents weigh in on redistricting - Daily Comet
Lawmakers at odds over SW La. redistricting plan - American Press   Voice your opinion on La. redistricting - Houma Today
Future of area House districts still unclear - American Press   New Orleans' official 2010 census population is 343,829, agency reports - Times Picayune
Legislators face tough session - American Press   Jefferson Parish population decline in 2010 Census no surprise to parish officials -Times Picayune
House plan gives BR seats: Tucker calls proposal "starting point" - The Advocate  
Draft draws concern: SW La. legislators: Proposal puts Armes against another incumbent - American Press   North Shore to Gain Clout in House - Times Picayune
Remap session begins: Lawmakers tout spirit of fair play - The Advocate   The Census Reveals another Post Katrina Loss - Times Picayune
Panel adds minority district: Comittee bucks House speaker - Times Picayune   Public Hearings on Redistricting Scheduled - KATC Acadiana's News Channel
Panel approves addition to bill: 30th black majority district added - The Advocate   Census numbers put population shift on record - The Towntalk
Caucus seeking more black seats in La - The Times (Shreveport)   Political Survival Top Priority - American Press
Remap could change how race influences politics in LA- Times Picayune   Redistricting is expected to cost New Orleans three districts - Times Picayune
Battle over remap beings- Times Picayune   House Panel Adopts Guides - The Advocate 
Wants, needs clash in remap - The Advocate   Fight brews over districts - The Advocate
Battling over the lines - The Advocate   No Delay Planned in State Remap - Times Picayune
Lawmakers at odds over SW La. redistricting plan - American Press   Gov. Bobby Jindal Expected Not to Take Lead Role in Redistricting - Times Picayune
Committee to consider redist plan today - The Times (Shreveport)   Public to get to speak on district lines - The Advocate
Remap sets up fights to keep jobs - Times Picayune   Remap plan targets N.O. - The Advocate.
House redistricting plan cuts 6 districts from N.O. - The Town Talk (Alexandria)   Census estimate shows growth for area in 2009 - The Advocate
Committee sees proposals for new districts - The Town Talk (Alexandria)   When it counts: Census participation vital to federal funding for La."  - The Towntalk
Redistricting session shapes future elections - The Times (Shreveport)   St Bernard Residents Urged to Return - Times Picayune
Plan shifts House districts, forces officials to compete - The Times (Shreveport)   Stand up and be counted - Monroe News Star
House panel to look at redistricting plans - The Advocate   State may lose seat in Congress -  Times Picayune
Panel reviews proposals to remap districts - The Times (Shreveport)   Census Bumps up N.O.'s Figure Twice - Times Picayune
Citizens voice what they want out of redistricting - The Town Talk (Alexandria Pineville)   Redrawing districts is state's purview, lawyer says - Times Picayune
Rerouting District Lines - The Times (Shreveport)    
Central Louisiana population grows a bit - The Town Talk (Alexandria)    
House panel's chief plans remap of La.'s high court districts- Times Picayune    
Caucus seeks minority representation- The News Star (Monroe)    
Caucus pushing for more majority-black political districts in LA - The Town Talk    
Tangi officials split over redistricting - The Advocate    
Push mounted to add black legislative seats - Times Picayune    
Residents sound off on districts remap - The Advocate    
Acadiana gains state representation with population increase - The Daily Advertiser    
Northwest La. residents take on redistricting - The Times (Shreveport)    
More Black Districts Likely - The Advocate    
Residents: Keep Regions Together - Times Picayune    
Coastal district has advocates   Hearing to focus on citizens - The Towntlak
Legislature makes history with session   Parish leader seeks count of residents 'in transition'  - The Advocate
Local census response rate low, but Tammany's at national average   2010 Census could be costly for Louisiana - The Advocate
  Special Count in Gulf Backed - Monroe News Star
Gallot Lawmakers want an open Redistricting Process   Attendance Sparce at Census Meeting - American Press
'Contentious' redistricting session of Louisiana Legislature likely to begin in March   Making Census Count - American Press
Saving our district - The Newstar    
Melancon urges redistricting reform - The Advocate    
Redrawing districts is state's purview, lawyer says - Times Picayune    
Redistricting sparks fights - The Advocate    
Hispanic arrivals help LA. growth, census says - The Advocate    

Redistricting Revolutionary- The Advocate

State's electoral map to be redrawn - Monroe News Star    
Political Horizons for Sept. 12, 2010 - The Advocate    
Census efforts in Orleans and St. Bernard - The Advocate    
Newcomers add to La. residential population gain  - The Advocate   LA. Likely to Lose a Congressional Seat After 2010 Census - The Towntalk
BR area could add new House seat  - The Advocate   LA. may lose seat if census counts illegal aliens in U.S. - The Towntalk
Redistricting tricky, expert cautions  - The Advocate   Group proposes merging two U.S. House Districts - American Press
Reapportionment assistance sought  - The Advocate   Local voter rolls swell - Times Picayune
La. GOP to fight counting of illegals - The Advocate   GOP to target Census tally of immigrants - Times Picayune
Noncitizen count hurts Louisiana - The Advocate   Citizenship question legitimate columnist - American Press
Sen. Vitter pushing citizen count - The Advocate   Area overlooked in Census count - American Press
Limit politics of new lines - The Advocate   Battle looms over 2010 Census - Lafayette Daily Advertiser
'Redistricting 101' teaches lawmakers about tough task ahead - The Towntalk   N.O Throws Gauntlet Again on Census Estimate - Times Picayune
Local Officials See Population Growth Despite Losses for State - The Towntalk   State considers legal action against Census Bureau - Monroe News Star
Lawmakers prepare for thorny problems of redistricting in 2011 - The Advocate   Election may tell who still lives here - Times Picayune
A fairer way for elections - The Advocate   LA lags nation on growth, Census Bureau says - Times Picayune
'No Party' voters in La. increasing - The Advocate   News & views from the Louisiana Capitol - Times Picayune
Voter Rolls Up in LA- Times Picayune    
National Media Articles    
Redistricting Making The Census Count - Legisbrief NCSL   How To Tilt an Election Through Redistricting - New York Times
Both parties sharpening pens for redistricting - New York Times   Census bureau knocks Sen. Vitter's proposal to ask about immigration status - Times Picayune
Next year Census count promises to re-jigger political map -WSJ   Census sampling makes sense - Lafayette Daily Advertiser
New Orleans wants ex-residents counted - WSJ   How immigration debate affects Census - Times Picayune
Our unconstitutional Census - WSJ   Ethnic Groups Say "White" isn't enough on the 2010 Census - Detroit Free Press
Lawmakers battle on Census question - WSJ   More People Move to Louisiana - Times Picayune
Analyst: Kostelka playing hardball - Monroe News Star    
Why Obama wants to control the Census - WSJ    
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