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Redistricting Profile

1. Constitutional Citations


a) Congressional Redistricting:

b) Legislative Redistricting: Art. III, §6
c)  Single member districts Art. III, §1
2. Statutory Citations  
a) Description of Current Congressional Districts:  R.S. 18:1276
b) Description of Current Legislative Districts: R.S. 24:35.1 & 24:35.5
c) Description of Current Supreme Court Districts: R.S. 13:101
d) Description of Current PSC Districts: R.S.45:1161.4
e) Description of Current BESE Districts: R.S.17:2.2
f) Other Statutes Governing Congressional or Legislative Redistricting Procedure: None
3. Congressional Districts  
a) Present Number 7
b) Prospective Number after 2010 Census: 6
4. State Legislative Districts  
a) Senate  
Number of Districts:  39
Number of Multimember Districts 0
Largest Number of Seats in a District 1
b) House  
Number of Districts 105
Number of Multimember Districts: 0
Largest Number of Seats in a District: 1
c) House Districts Nested within Senate Districts?  no
5. Supreme Court Districts  
Number of Districts: 7
Number of Multimember Districts: 0
Largest Number of Seats in a District: 1
6. Public Service Commission    
Number of Districts: 5
Number of Multimember Districts:  0
Largest Number of Seats in a District:  1
7. Board of Elementary & Secondary Education  
Number of Districts:  8
Number of Multimember Districts 0
Largest Number of Seats in a District 1
8. Redistricting Requirements  
a) Initial Responsibility for Drawing Congressional Districts: Legislature
b) Initial Responsibility for Drawing Legislative Districts: Legislature
c) Initial Responsibility for Drawing Supreme Court Districts: Legislature
d) Initial Responsibility for Drawing PSC Districts: Legislature
e) Initial Responsibility for Drawing BESE Districts: Legislature
f) House Committee Responsible for Redistricting. H&GA
g) Use Apportionment Board or Commission?  No
h) Gubernatorial Veto Power over Congressional Plan?  Yes
i) Gubernatorial Veto Power over Legislative Plan?  Yes
j) Gubernatorial Veto Power over Supreme Court Plan?  Yes
k) Gubernatorial Veto Power over PSC Plan?   Yes
l) Gubernatorial Veto Power over BESE Plan? Yes
9. Redistricting Deadlines  
a) Congressional Deadline:  
    Basis for Deadline:  
b) Legislative Deadline:  Dec 31, 2011
    Basis for Deadline: Art. III, §6
    Effect of Failure to Meet Deadline: Supreme Court may redistrict legislature
  10. House Contact

Staff of the Committee on House & Governmental Affairs

P. O. Box
Baton Rouge
, Louisiana 70804-4486

Telephone:  225-342-2403    Fax:  225-342-0768

  Key Contacts  
House & Governmental Affairs Committee 225-342-2403
Rosalie Ammersbach Secretary 225-342-2403
Patricia Lowrey - Dufour Legislative Analyst 225-342-2396
Lorrianne Lucas Attorney 225-342-2598
Dr. William Blair Demographer 225-342-2591
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