House Communications Office  

Cory Stewart, Director
The House Communications Office (HCO) manages the public affairs and media activities of the House. The HCO also serves as a liaison with media organizations and the public.

Mission Statement  
The Mission of the House Communications Office is to advance Louisiana and the House as an institution by helping its Members and staff  gather, consider and fully discuss all ideas; to increase public engagement; to foster confidence; and to build goodwill.

A greatly improved Louisiana with an admired, respected and effective House of Representatives
Staff & Contact Email
Russell, Lauren              Deputy Communications Director              (225) 342-0980             
Anderson, Ashton              Social Media Specialist              (225) 342-9795             
Cordon, Guillermo              Senior Digital Media Specialist              (225) 342-0682             
Hasten, Mike              Senior Communications Specialist              (225) 342-9795             
Johnson, Nancy              Senior Communications Specialist              (225) 342-1363             
Young, Jason              Digital Media Specialist              (225) 342-7650             
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