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Committee Name
Date, Time, Location
Agenda, Video
Comite River Diversion T.F.
Nov 10, 10:00 AM HCR-3
HCR-129 Health Services Financing T.F.
Nov 13, 09:00 AM HCR-5
HCR-170 Statewide Healthcare Delivery System
Nov 13, 11:00 AM HCR-5
Sales Tax Streamlining & Mod Comm
Nov 18, 09:30 AM HCR-6
Gaming Control Board
Nov 19, 10:00 AM HCR-6
Statewide Transportation Plan Policy Cmte
Nov 19, 01:00 PM HCR-3
Appropriations/Senate Finance
Nov 20, 09:00 AM HCR-5
Joint Budget
Nov 20 @ Adj of AP HCR-5
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