Operating Budgets
Historical Budget Documents  
Fiscal Year 21-22

FY 2022 State Budget Summary
One page summary and highlights of the fiscal year 2021-22 state budget

FY 2022 Statewide Budget Tracker
Contains historical budget information and amendment information by department and by Means of Finance included in the General Appropriations, Ancillary Appropriations, Legislative Budget, Judicial Budget, and the Capital Outlay bills.

FY 2021 Supplemental Appropriations by Agency
Changes in the current year's appropriations contained in HB516 by state agency

FY 2021 Utilization of State General Fund Excess
One page summary of the state general fund used in the current fiscal year from excess funding recognized by the Revenue Estimating Conference and savings in state agencies

FY 2020 Surplus Use
One page summary of the prior year surplus funding allocations

Coronavirus State Fiscal Recovery Fund (ARP Act Funding)
One page summary of the State Fiscal Recovery Fund provided for in the American Rescue Plan Act

FY 2022 Budget Overview Presentation
Walkthrough of the Fiscal Year 2021-22 Executive Budget Recommendation contained in the Original HB1 and other appropriations bills